• Our 100% natural bamboo/cotton blend nappies are 60% more absorbent than ordinary cotton nappies. The bamboo yarn has a natural antibacterial quality and is more eco-friendly to manufacture than cotton or plastic nappies. It is also more durable than cotton, yet feels like silk.
  • The Mother Nature Nappy is shaped to fit snugly and eliminate the heavy bulk associated with cloth nappies. They are fastened with strong, durable plastic poppers which snap on easily and hold the nappy well - no need for pins! The nappy isdesigned to fit from birth to 2.5 yrs and adjusts accordingly.
  • Either a bio-degradable, flushable liner or a non flushable reusable liner is used inside the nappy. The liners allow urine to pass through thus keeping delicate bottoms drier for longer as well as protecting the nappy from becoming heavily soiled. The solids are then disposed by flushing down the toilet, either with the bio liner or by shaking off the solids then putting the liner in the bin. Liners are cheap and sold in most supermarket outlets.
  • The nappy covers are made from a breathable laminate, which allows flow of air to the skin whilst the nappy is on. The night fleece cover is even more breathable which is why it so highly suitable for night use. There are 3 sizes which fit so as to prevent any leaks. Both come in fun colours and patterns.
  • No old-fashioned pre-soaking or boiling is required. Just rinse well and wash the nappies at 50-60 °c in a washing machine.
  • One of my favourite advantages is that cloth nappies are not as smelly when soiled and there is no living with the legacy of disposables every time you open the bin!
  • Lastly, the fact that babies in cloth nappies tend to potty train roughly 6 months earlier can only be of benefit to their carers.