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 my Bamboo Bear (100% natural toy)

Mother Nature’s 100% natural bamboo bear is hand knitted using pure bamboo yarn and stuffed with natural, antibacterial and allergy-free bamboo stuffing. Bamboo yarn is silky soft.

This makes bamboo bear a safe and ideal snuggle toy for newborns, young babies and toddlers who may be at higher risk of being affected by breathing in synthetic and animal fibers into their developing lungs.

Bear’s sleepy eyes: Inspired by the Waldorf school theory that a toy with wide eyes and a fixed, expressionless or frozen stare not only scare some babies and young children but it doesn’t stimulate their imagination into believing that their toy has emotions. With this in mind, we made bear’s eyes asleep to evoke a sense of peaceful and emotional reciprocation between the child and toy.

Care instructions: Bear has natural antibacterial properties and less prone to house dust mites than conventional toys but should bear be dragged through mud you will have to either hand wash in cold water and line or tumble-dry (in a laundry bag) or dry-clean our bear.

Useful tip: To kill house dust mites in toys place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight in the freezer.

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