Wellness Bracelet - Pregnancy & Motherhood

Out Of Stock Wellness Bracelet -  Pregnancy & Motherhood

Wear this bracelet during your pregnancy, birth of your baby and early motherhood. For this bracelet we have chosen gemstones that are symbolic of energies that are associated with pregnancy wellness and motherhood protection, healing and love.

Crystals may be able to absorb and transmit energy, and therefore they can help to tune your body's fluctuating energy levels.

According to crystal therapy theory, different crystals have different electromagnetic charges. The charges can remove energy "blockages" and encourage your body’s own processes to become more effective.

This is not proven science and if you have are unwell and have physical and mental ill health symptoms that persist, always seek medical professional help.


Gemstones used:

Moonstone: known as the “Goddess of feminine energy”, it influences the reproductive system and hormones. It promotes ease during pregnancy and childbirth, stabilizes hormones and balances fluid retention. Associated with new beginnings and averting danger from mother and child.

Rose Quartz: is called the  “Crystal of Love”, this pink crystal radiates an aura of love and compassion. It emits nurturing energy, aids in fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Symbolic of unconditional love -  for yourself and significant others.

Ukanite: is widely used to enhance fertility, and help promote a healthy pregnancy and birthing labour. It symbolizes the unconditional bond between mother and child. It helps lift spirits and promotes patience and persistence. 

 Mother of Pearl: A protection stone, Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea.  It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl is a 1st Anniversary gemstone.

For increased effectiveness wear your bracelet on the left wrist where the energies are absorbed and travel fastest to your heart. 

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