Part-Time Pack: All-In-Three Bamboo Nappy

Out Of Stock Part-Time Pack: All-In-Three Bamboo Nappy

Perfect if you want to combine disposable nappies with cloth nappies e.g. use cloth during the day and disposable overnight. Use this as a starter and later add more nappies.

8 All In three nappies (cover plus insert)

2 Extra Nappy Inserts
1 pack of Biodegradable & Flushable Liners (100 per pack)
Free: 1 Laundry Mesh Bag, 2 Booster Pads, 2 Washable Fleece Liners & FREE DELIVERY

*Nb: when ordering any of the set packs you will need to state which color nappies and inserts you want us to pack as well as the quantities (e.g. 2 pink, 2 white nappies with white inserts etc).

Colours available: white, beige, pink, blue, navy, chocolate and lavender

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