Here are a few great reasons to choose Mother Nature Products

  • We locally manufacture our products (except the Bambo eco disposable nappies). This means we are adaptable to your requirements.
  • We are supporting the local job market and have also received a B score certificate for green business practices.
  • The Bambo Eco Disposables received their European SWAN award for high eco manufacturing and quality performances.
  • We are the trusted green baby choice, which means we have set high standards for selecting quality fabrics & materials and designing effective, user friendly products. Customers have a say and have shaped our products for seven years of manufacture.
  • We keep our designs and colours up to date with the latest trends. Some features include a dry moisture management system, stretchy side waist tabs, leak proof leg gussets and breathable waterproofing.
  • We are the only nappy company in SA to use 100% Natural Bamboo fibres in our high density Bamboo/Cotton blend fabric (see ‘beware misrepresentations’ below).


  • Companies saying their products are ‘locally designed’. This often means the product was actually designed and manufactured overseas (mostly China). You can just put on your own label to say it’s ‘your design’. Imports = a large carbon footprint and ethical manufacturing practices cannot be regulated by South African standards.
  • Companies saying their products are made from ‘100% Natural’ fabrics. For example using bamboo viscose but saying it is 100% Bamboo. Bamboo Viscose is not natural, is less absorbent, has less antibacterial properties and is less durable. Viscose is soaked in an acidic bath during manufacture.