Help to keep South Africa clean by using our cloth nappies you will be sparing 6000 disposable nappies from being dumped on our over-stretched landfill sites, which accumulates to an average of 1 tonne of plastic waste per baby. 

Our philosophies:

  • Create less waste: - we apply our technology to create a less wasteful economy.
  • Do no harm: - all products have some impact on the environment but some more than others. We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and made with recyclable materials to minimize the environmental impact through manufacture, use and disposal.
  • Strive for sustainability: - we like to look to long term goals as opposed to short term satisfaction.


  • We use bamboo yarn. Bamboo is highly regenerative - it grows back after harvesting swiftly and easily using a far smaller land area than cotton and it does not require crop spraying.
  • We keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, by manufacturing locally and avoiding long transport hauls.
  • Our skin care products are handmade and locally made using only natural ingredients.
  • We use mostly locally-sourced fabrics and recycled materials.
  • Our fabric off-cuts are donated to the SPCA, who use them as stuffing to make animal mattresses.


  • We advise customers on ways of minimizing water, energy and chemical usage in caring for our nappy products.
  • Our nappy products are reusable to extend their life cycle and good quality - made to last.
  • Our bio-degradable liners mean that all waste can be flushed for down-stream sewerage treatment, instead of being discarded and landing up in landfill sites, which are not equipped to deal with faeces.
  • We have increased our range of washable & reusable products (see products page).


  • All packaging is either recycled (buckets), reused (boxes) or minimalist and bio-degradable, where possible.
  • Our nappy liners are fully biodegradable.
  • Our skin care range is in containers, which can be recycled.