All-In-Three Cloth Nappy (Nappy + Cover)

All-In-Three Cloth Nappy (Nappy + Cover)

AI3 = fits like an all in one / all in two / pocket cloth nappy

Colors in stock: Plain colors: toffee/beige, pastel pink, sky blue, navy blue, and red Prints: African Sun and dragonfly, Floral patterns: blue and white flowers, floral (yellow and blue)

Want the best cloth nappy features in one nappy? Our newest design, the AI3 cloth nappy is a one-piece, one-size design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any sizes in-between! Our new cut is very slim fitting yet grows outwards to suit larger-sized babies of around 2.5 to 3 years of age. The new cover has a hidden pocket inside in which the absorbing insert can be placed for that stay-dry effect while the nappy is in use. However, for maximum absorbency, we suggest you keep the pad on the outside and use a fleece liner over it with a booster pad in the pocket.

Comfortable:  The highly absorbent insert is made from 4 layers of 100% natural toweling fabric: either thirsty bamboo-cotton toweling in beige or a high density and high absorbing 100% cotton toweling in white. The cover has breathable waterproofing hidden between 2 soft fabric layers that keep your baby unbelievably dry. Our covers are shaped to create an un-bulky nappy and made from very lightweight fabrics.

Easy Use:  Find the studs hidden under the front pocket opening and just pop the bamboo insert onto the cover then place your baby on top. Our latest design has a Velcro fastening across the waist. This makes putting on the nappy faster and easier. 

Add a biodegradable & flush-able nappy liner or soft fleece nappy liner to catch the solid matter and protect the nappy from becoming heavily stained. Adjust the diagonal side studs according to your baby’s size - as your baby grows, as does the nappy.

Flexible:  Add booster pads or extra inserts can for extra absorbency - eg: at night or for heavy wetters.

Features: stretchy side waist tabs for a snug fit; the bamboo/ cotton insert is removable to allow for separate line/tumble drying. Our new pocket feature keeps your baby dry for hours. Purchase the one-size cover and inner bamboo/ cotton inserts (2 per pack) separately, saving you more money.

Size:  one size fits all from birth to potty training

Weight: 3 kg to 20 kg

Waist (diameter): 30 grows to 50 cms

Thigh upper diameter: 18 grows to 38 cm

Belly to bottom rise: 34cm grows to 44 cm

Enjoy using your Mother Nature nappies with confidence in their performance!


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