Save on money spent on disposables (which cost on average R1000 per month for the first 4 months) and save the planet from 1 tonne of plastic waste.

Mother Nature Cost Saving Tips:

  • If possible, pass some of your Mother Nature Nappies on to the next child & the savings go up drastically!
  • Resell your nappies to recover some of the initial outlay cost.
  • Instead of disposing of each liner, it is possible to rewash the just wet liners with your nappies, you could save hundreds of rands.
  • Use our washable nappy liners and wipes to save money.
  • Use our washable nursing pads and washable sanitary towels to add to the savings.
  • Use our swim cozzie and potty trainers in place of the disposable version.
  • Be inspired by our cost-effective and eco-friendly green baby tips on our Facebook page.